Lark Ascending

This is the piece of music that never gets tired. My dad loves it. I grew up with it always playing in the upper room.

I chose it as the piece that compels my character Courcelle to take up violin as a child.  Her mother, Glenda, unwinds at night to Lark Ascending scratchily playing on the old turntable.   She crochets while she waits for her husband to come home from a gig.  Little Courcelle sneaks out of bed to listen to her mother’s music floating in from the living room.

Years later, it is Courcelle’s concert performance of this same piece that ends in calamity and forces her to remap her life.

For a time, I was still on the fence about if Lark was the right piece for my screenplay, if it evoked what I wanted. Fortuitously, I overheard a violinist confide to another violinist with passion and authority that “Lark is her piece.”  It really is that affecting.

Check out this superb performance by the virtuoso Janine Jansen.

Part II

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